“Costumer Stisfaction by Employing State of the Art Services & Investing our people to our Client”


If we need to ensure that supplies meet specification, arrive the destination in good condition and perform correctly


The cost of inspection is negligible as compared with consequences of incorrect and substandard supply.


We are working for Oil & Gas, Fertilizer, Power and Petrochemical Industries. We have experienced Engineers and certified inspectors from API, ASNT and PAEC which have thorough knowledge and sufficient experience of project management and stage inspection .We are providing services in the field of Procurement, Construction, Third party inspection services for Stage and In-Service Inspection, documentation of APIQ1, ISO9001 & its implementation and Commissioning of Project.

Main features and activities of our company include.

Third Party inspection Services for LPG and CNG:

1) Consultancy for modification in Old Plant approved by HDIP in accordance with OGRA and NFPA – 58 set standards

2) Consultancy for verification of Design

3) Consultancy for approval of LPG facility from OGRA

4) Stage Inspection during construction of LPG Vessel, Bullets and Bowzer

5) Stage Inspection for LPG cylinders manufacturing

6) Calibration of equipments

7) Consultancy for set-up of Auto LPG Gas dispensing station.

Third Party Inspection Services for Cross Country Pipeline:

1) Inspection of ROW, Stringing and Fitups of joints.

2) Visual Inspection of Welding Joints during Construction.

3) Inspection of Trenching and Lowering.

4) Inspection during Installation of Heat Shrink Sleeves.

Third Party Inspection Services for Procurement:

1) Inspection of steel plates for Storage Tanks, Vessels, LPG Bullets and Bowzer

2) Inspection of Station and Refinery piping material

3) Inspection of Rotary and Stationary equipments.

Third Party Inspection Services for Welding:

1) Prepare Welding Specification and procedures

2) Supervise the welding procedure and welder qualification tests

3) Inspection of welding during execution of job

Third Party inspection Services for Stage Inspection:

1) During fabrication Erection of Storage Tanks

2) During fabrication of Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers & Boilers

3) During manufacturing of Pipes and Coating at mills

Third Party inspection Services for In- Service Inspection:

1) Pressure Vessels as per API - 510

2) Storage Tanks as per API – 653

3) Station Piping as per API – 570

4) CP audit and Corrosion Control

Non Destructive Testing Services:

1) Radiographic Testing (R.T.)

2) Ultrasonic Testing (U.T.)

3) Magnetic Particle Testing (M.T.)

4) Liquid Penetration Testing (P.T.)

4) Visual Inspection (V.T.)

Skilled Manpower Supply Services:

1) Engineers of all disciplines

2) Certified Inspectors

3) Supervisors of all disciplines

4) Fabricators, Welders, Riggers

4) Skilled & Unskilled Labors)

Quality Management System Services:

1) Documentation of ISO 9001 - 2008

2) Documentation of API Q1

3) Implementation of Quality management system Annual maintenance service for Quality management system


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